Being Humane – Thoughts as a common man ….
Tea table discussion – after a while!! TV was on in the cafeteria, with all channels flashing RK Nagar election campaigns… Hot topic of the day was those flashes and meme’s circulated around “Mr.Vaiko cleaned stains in Mr.Stalin’s dhoti as Mr.Stalin poured few drops of tea on himself”
Our topic of discussion took that route too …. Primarily, everyone was making fun of that action and teasing Mr.Vaiko and enjoying those meme’s… When I saw that video on TV where Mr.Vaiko reacted to that tea spilling – I could see that it was so natural and so humane … whoever was sitting beside, am damn sure he would have done the same thing and honestly if I were sitting next to Mr. Stalin – I would have done the same thing too. Now, when I had raised this as a question – if you were in that situation what you would have done? Everyone in that tea-table was silent for a moment and then they slowly did acknowledge that they might have behaved the same way too…
If that is the case, then why are we making fun of this event? Is it just because he is a celebrity who most of the time has been fighting for the cause? Reality Check says : we are “losing humanity” – one of those costly prices that we are paying unknowingly, voluntarily and effortlessly for making our world so sophisticated and digitized!! Vast topic to debate, yet … Everyone is so pre-occupied, stressed out that we don’t want to think through anything beyond our own laundry list of priorities. But, we have started behaving recklessly, directly or indirectly encouraging these kind of news, articles, meme’s and videos that spread too fast. Precisely, faster than air could travel and apparently proves that we have stopped thinking and valuing humanity!!
Eventually, we ourselves are becoming too cautious about public behavior and making others cautious too. When in public don’t try to become any victim of these kind of meme’s and videos. So, when someone will suffer any kind of a pain next time, you will unknowingly, involuntarily think twice, thrice before coming one step forward, thus “not being humane”. Is that not a fact? Ask your conscience.
Any change could happen only if we begin to think of that change and change ourselves. My humble request to everyone including self, in particularly to all our leaders whom we look up to for being our role models and care takers is that – we should be overly cautious in not taking these kind of appraisals , meme’s and videos that will cost behavioral changes causing damages to our own self !!
Let’s also make an effort to cautiously stop adding political perspective to anything, everything and dilute the real essence of the situation or incident. Last but not the least, it is time for us to step aside and start thinking before we acknowledge and promote anything that will cost us our conscience.
This is one sincere effort to share my thought as a common man – who has gone dumbfounded by seeing people’s attitude and behavior changing over a period of time with the so called development of “digitization”.
-Admin, Law Zing


  1. I appreciate this valuable and sincere appeal for those who doing inhuman activities in the social mediea will pl.stop. which will cause irreparable events in the most prime Tamil this comments positively for the noble growth of the age old Tamil culture the world wants to follow. Kindly accept my sincereThanks Sir for the valuable appeal to the brilliant people in the social media doing unmatured and spoiling good ethics of our forefathers treasures in the Tamil culture. BHEL Rajamanickam


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