You all know very well that Constitution of India is a Supreme law in India and it is considered as the mother of laws of the land. It is one of the best constitutions in the world because it borrowed several good aspects from prevailing constitutions of various countries which existed before the initiation of Constituent Assembly.

Lengthiest Constitution: We are proud that Constitution of India is the lengthiest constitution in the world with 25 parts and 12 schedules.

Parliamentary System: Although we have a constitutional head, the President, the real executive power is bestowed to the Council of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister. The advantage of this system is that the Council of Ministers is accountable to the legislature/parliament and thus to the people of the nation.

Both Rigid and Flexible: Our Constitution is both rigid and flexible. It allows for amendments to cope up with the needs of the future. When it comes to major aspects, it is rigid to uphold the supremacy of the Constitution.

Fundamental Rights: It is a necessary thing any citizen will need. Especially in a democratic country. fundamental rights are essential. Part III of the Constitution of India bestows these fundamental rights to the Citizen and ensures that it is not taken away by the state.

Directive Principles of State Policy:  Part IV of the Constitution of India consists of Directive Principles of State Policy which directs and recommends the Governments what all should be done for the benefit of the people. These Directive Principles can not be enforced by law.

Federation: Constitution of India has ensured a remarkable Federal system which is federal in nature while sharing resources, enacting laws and having three separate lists of subjects (Union Subjects, State Subjects and concurrent list). Constitution will enable to act as Unitary Government during the emergency or war etc.

Distribution of Powers: The Constitution has well defined the distribution of the powers between various organs of the Government.

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