Entry of Foreign Law Firms in India–Globalization & Liberalization of Legal Profession

In this era of LPG (Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization), allowing entry of foreign law firms (subject to some conditions) in India is inevitable. It is the need of the hour. This will give the litigant client a wide variety of lawyers to choose and engage as it is a right bestowed by the Constitution of India.

As we have seen in the preceding two decades, the Liberalization and Globalization has brought in tremendous growth in  various industries in India. This Liberalization and Globalization increases competition, which is in turn benefiting the consumer. One may argue that the competition of foreign entrants will suppress our indigenous practitioners. It is absolutely wrong. Please do not underestimate the ability of our lawyers. Our Indian lawyers are at par with any foreign entrant and hence allowing foreign law firms in India will increase the healthy competition. Due to this competition, our indigenous practitioners will upgrade themselves more intensively which will benefit the entire legal community in India.

We have seen such growth in other industries in India after Liberalization and Globalization. There is nothing wrong in expecting  same results with  Legal profession.

Definitely the foreign lawyers may not be aware of our custom and traditions. There can be certain conditions and requirements to assure quality of service rendered by these foreign lawyers/firms. The Regulatory authority in India can dictate what these foreign lawyers may represent and what not.

We are not sure if is there any other specific reason for hesitating to allow entry of Foreign Law Firms in India. If you know any such reason, please comment below.

Source: Spicy Law LLP


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