• If you are going to form a company, the name should have three parts. 1) Name, 2) Object part and 3) Constitution of the company.

    For Example: Spicy Law LLP

    ‘SPICY’ is the Name part, ‘LAW’ is the Object part and ‘LLP’ is the Constitution part of the name of this business.

    In TATA Consultancy Services Limited, ‘TATA’ is the name part, ‘Consultancy Services’ is the Object Part and ‘Limited’ is the constitution part.

    While choosing the name, make sure that the Name Part of your business name is not same OR similar to another company in the same field or industry. If there are businesses with a similar name, but with a different object, then there won’t be any issues.

    Make sure that the object part clearly describes the nature of your business, otherwise, MCA will not approve. The Object part must clearly state the object of the company.

    Finally, the constitution part shows the type of your entity. The name of a Limited Liability Partnership should end with ‘LLP’ or ‘Limited Liability Partnership’. The name of a Private Limited Company should end with ‘Pvt Ltd’ or ‘Private Limited’. One Person Company name should include ‘OPC’.

    If you want to use words such as CORPORATION, INTERNATIONAL, UNIVERSAL, HINDUSTAN, INDUSTRIES etc in the name of your business, your business should meet the minimum authorized capital as prescribed by MCA.

    Along with the Name Check from MCA, please make sure that your business name is not same or similar to any existing trademarks.

    For further information please feel free to contact info@spicylaw.com or call +91-9585776007.

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